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OSAWA Takeshi Ph.D
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Degree: Ph.D (Kobe University)
Affiliation: Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences,Tokyo Metropolitan University
Position: Associate Professor
Nationality: Japan
Mail: arosawa[at]

Educational background
 Mar. 2002 Bachelor of Agriculture, Utsunomiya University
 Mar. 2004 Master of Earth Environmental Science, Hokkaido University
 Mar. 2010 Ph.D of Science, Kobe University

Professional background
 Apr. 2004〜May 2005 System Engineer, Hitachi Software Engineering Co.
 Jun. 2005.6〜Oct. 2006 Ranger, Ministry of Environment
 Oct. 2007〜Mar. 2009 Technical Assistant, Room for Information Education, Kobe University
 Apr. 2009〜Mar. 2010 Research Associate, Kanagawa Pref. Nature Conservation Center
 Apr. 2010〜Mar. 2015 Researcher, National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
 Apr. 2015〜Mar. 2016 Senior Researcher, National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
 Apr. 2016〜Mar. 2018 Senior Researcher, Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO
 Apr. 2018〜present Associate Professor, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences,Tokyo Metropolitan University

Other research history
 Nov. 2006〜Mar. 2009 Visited researcher, The Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo pref.

Study interest
 Biodiversity Informatics, Conservation Science

Recent Selected Publications(since 2013〜)
● Osawa T, Okasa S・Kurokawa S・Ando S(2016)「Generating an agricultural risk map based on limited ecological information: a case study using Sicyos angulatus」.AMBIO 45(8): 895-903.
● Osawa T・Kohyama K・Mitsuhashi H(2016)「Trade-off relationship between modern agriculture and biodiversity: Heavy consolidation work has a long-term negative impact on plant species diversity」 Land Use Policy 54: 78-84.
● Osawa T・・Hata K・Kachi N(in press)「Eradication of feral goats enhances expansion of the invasive shrub Leucaena leucocephala L. on Nakoudo-jima, an oceanic island」.Weed Research.
● Osawa T・Kohyama K・Mitsuhashi H(2016)「Multiple factors drive regional agricultural abandonment」 Science of the Total Environment 542: 478-483.
● Osawa T(2015)「Burning management mediates the coexistence of plant species in a semi-natural grassland」Natureza & Conservacao 13: 171-177.
● Osawa T・Ito K (2015)「A rapid method for constructing precaution maps based on a simple virtual ecology model: a case study on the range expansion of the invasive aquatic species Limnoperna fortunei」Population Ecology 57(3): 529-538.
● Osawa・Kadoya T・Kohyama K(2015)「Agricultural land use 5- and 10-km mesh datasets based on governmental statistics for 1970 - 2005」Ecological Research 30(5):757.
● Osawa(2015)「Importance of farmland in urbanized areas as a landscape component for barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) nesting on concrete buildings」Environmental Management 55(5):1160-1167
● Osawa T・Mitsuhashi H・Ushimaru A(2014)「Plant species coexistence relationships may shift according to life history traits and seasons」Plant Ecology 215:597-612.
● Osawa T・Watanabe K・Ikeda H・Yamamoto S(2014)「New approach for evaluating habitat stability using scarce records for both historical and contemporary specimens: A case study using Carabidae specimen records」Entomological Science 17:425-431.
● Osawa T・Kohyama K・Mitsuhashi H(2013)「Areas of increasing agricultural abandonment overlap the distribution of previously common, currently threatened plant species」PLOS ONE 8(11): e79978.
● Osawa T・Mitsuhashi H・Niwa H(2013)「Many alien invasive plants disperse against the direction of stream flow in riparian areas」Ecological Complexity 15:26-32.
● Osawa T(2013)「Monitoring records of plant species in the Hakone region of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan, 2001-2010 」Ecological Research 28(4):541.

 Young Researcher Award, 2003 Hokkaido local association in Ecological Society of Japan
 Poster Award,the 54th meeting of Ecological Society of Japan
 Poster Award, the 11th meeting of Ecology and Civil Engineering Society, Japan (contributed as co-author)
 Poster Award,the 56th meeting of Ecological Society of Japan(contributed as co-author)
 The 21th Denzaburo Miyaji Award, Ecological Society of Japan

 Ecological Society of Japan
 Ecology and Civil Engineering Society, Japan
 Committee member of Japan Node of Global Biodiversity Information Facility (JBIF)


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